Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Who Are the Swhetty Betties?

Did you ever wonder who the Swhetty Betties are? What is Bettie’s Basket about?

Bettie’s Basket Sales and Promotions is a group for independent designers and their fans. The designers who post test calls and pattern releases there are part of a group called Swhetty Betties. The Swhetty Betties are a tightly knit group of new designers and mentors. The mentors are designers you would probably recognize because they are so well known.

Delilah Top from Golden Rippy

The Swhetty Bettie group was formed to help new designers grow their business. The original plan was that new designers would “graduate” once they were permitted to advertise in the PDF Pattern Sales and Promotions group. That changed quickly once we realized how much we genuinely liked each other. As designers become more experienced, they graduate to becoming mentors to the newer designers.

Cartwheel Shorts from Ruby and Jack Patterns

The Aspiring Designer’s Challenge is a quarterly showcase hosted here and on Pattern Revolution. Newer designers are challenged to choose a date during a given two week period to release a pattern. They draft, test, re-test and do everything necessary to release their pattern on a deadline. Behind the scenes, mentors and other designers volunteer to help run the challenge. Some volunteers will proof-read and review patterns, others take charge of promoting the challenge on social media, others will interview the designers. A designer will run the giveaway while another takes care of posting the new pattern releases on Bettie’s Basket Sales and Promotions. Designers will also volunteer to test one another’s patterns when needed.
Everyday Tank and Dress from Serger Pepper

The mutual care and respect behind the scenes is what makes the Swhetty Betties a special group. Over the past year, we have become a team and not just a group of people with pattern design in common. When we decided to have a “Design My Pattern Contest” for fans, almost everyone volunteered to do something to help. When we started the “Caring by Design” giveaway, all of the designers offered to donate patterns and support the effort in every possible way. 

We have not started our 1,000 member promotion for Bettie’s Basket, but a well known designer has already offered a large amount of cash for prizes.
Jester Hat from Kelly J Designs

In order to become a Swhetty Bettie, a designer needs to have basic pattern drafting knowledge. We do not teach anyone how to design and draft patterns. New members PM a group administrator and request the application. We choose new members based on their application and their willingness to be an active part of the group.

Little Artist Palette from Swoodson Says
Being a Bettie is a great way to start in a very competitive PDF pattern market.  However, we couldn't do it without all the help and support from readers, testers and fans like you!!!  We hope you will follow along as our new blog grows and so do our amazing designers.  We have so much in store we are ripping at the seams!!

Don't forget to follow the Betties on Facebook and Pinterest.  Plus, if you want to join the Betties Facebook Group you won't miss any fun tester calls.  Happy Sewing!!!
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  1. The Delilah top is just so cute. What a great group of people! I look forward to seeing lots of designs coming out of the Betties!

  2. What a great way to spotlight new designs and new designers!


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