Monday, April 20, 2015

Meet MCM Studio Designs

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Linda and MCM Studio Designs is my pattern company.  I am very honored to be posting on the Swhetty Betties blog today!

I have been sewing for over thirty years and my passion is for little girl's dresses.  I began experimenting with sewing for little girls slightly over 20 years ago when my sister's two girls were small.  At the time, I was working in the children's section of a large department store.  I loved seeing all the pretty little dresses that came in at Easter and at Christmas.  Needless to say, that employee discount came in very handy and my nieces had LOTS of pretty things. I began to wonder, though, if I could replicate some of the things that I saw in the dresses that were stocked at the store.  When the store was slow, I would look at them and see if I could figure out how they were made and what made them appealing to me. I had a basic knowledge of sewing so I began to experiment.  To my delight, most of those experiments turned out fairly well. 

Fast forward to 2000.  A friend from my church had just given birth to a baby girl.  I made a little dress for her and took it to work to show my colleagues.  You know how we seamstresses love to show off our work!  One of my co-workers saw it and asked me to create a christening gown for her niece.  At that point, The Merry Church Mouse was born.  I began to create little girls clothing and doll clothing and selling it to local friends and on line.   I continued to sew and sell for several years. During that time I learned to alter patterns and even create some of my own through much trial and error.  

In March of 2014 I learned about a class called Pattern Workshop and it turned my world upside down, for the better. I learned how to create my own patterns from block patterns and how to do it using a computer program.  Somehow, it just felt "right", like this is was just a really good fit for me.  Since then I have released three patterns and I am currently working on a fourth.  I have SO many ideas for patterns down the line, as well.

My goals for MCM Studio Designs patterns are simple.  I want to create modest patterns with clear instructions that are easy to follow and designs that are both cute and easy to personalize.  I think that there is creative genius in all of us, just waiting to be tapped and I love to encourage people to explore that creativity and make something that is truly unique.  

I hope that you will visit my blog and my shop.  I'm offering a 25% discount on everything through the rest of this week if you use the coupon code SPRINGSALE25.   I'd love it, as well, if you do purchase one of my patterns and make it that you would share your creations and your comments on the pattern. I really enjoy seeing what others have come up with using my patterns.

Thanks to the Betties for allowing me this chance to post here today and for being such a wonderful group of ladies to work with.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!

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