Thursday, May 28, 2015

AD Challenge: Knock Them Out Knickers by Verity Fit Patterns

I am Kirsten, today's Aspiring Designer.  If I have to describe myself in a word, it's 'nerd'.  I love math, I have a PhD from Cambridge, and I write software to create sewing patterns in my spare time.

Today I am releasing my first pattern made with my software - Knock Them Out Knickers by Verity Fit Patterns

Finally, a knickers sewing pattern that look sexy, fit perfectly and overcome the challenges of wedgies and pantylines!

These knickers have an amazing fit across the bum - no more wedges and no more sagginess.  And yes, I did derive a differential equation to optimize the curve of my rear...

The front has a boy cut with a wide crotch.  The pattern includes an option for a waistband, which you can print off or cut out yourself.

They are made with stretch lace trim, so you don't have to finish any of the edges if you don't want to.  You can make them in trim 6" to 9" (15 to 23 cm) wide, so they can be as low or high cut as you prefer. 

Best of all, the knickers are for your exact measurements.  You select different size pieces for your hips and your thighs, and slot the pieces together for the perfect fit.


Each size is printed on separate pages, so you just print the pages you require.

The pattern includes the sewing lines and seam allowances, along with plenty of balance marks so that everything fits together perfectly.  They are incredibly quick to make (or to 'knock them out!').

The instructions include pictures, as well as line drawings.

Launch price for this pattern is £3 (about $4.50).  You can find it on Etsy, or join the Rafflecopter draw below to win a copy!

A massive thank-you to all the people who helped with testing this pattern and gave me great feedback.  Thank-you, as well, to the members in the Swhetty Betties group - without them, I would never have completed this pattern.

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  1. Love this pattern!!! Well written & so practical!!!

  2. Creeping panty lines make me crazy! This pattern looks very comfortable, can't wait to try!

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  4. Panty lines. There is no excuse for checking before you leave the house. Fix those panty lines.

  5. Pantylines and wedgies drive me batty!

  6. I hate wedgies. These look pretty!

  7. Definitely not fitting my thighs. I have thunder thighs and need comfort and fit without rolling.

  8. Third time trying...I've been looking forward to sewing myself some undies...;o}

  9. Eeek I need these for sure, I hate having to readjust my panties

  10. Eeek I need these for sure, I hate having to readjust my panties

  11. Panty lines are the absolute worst! Ughhh


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