Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tutorial: Add a zippered pocket

Hi! I'm Fenna from FABulous Home Sewn!
I'm the designer behind FHS Patterns.
I wanted to share my method of inserting a zippered pocket in pretty much anything.
First, we'll take the main fabric and draw a rectangle that is 1/2" wide by however long you want the zipped pocket to be.

Next, we'll place the pocket lining right sides facing, on that lining piece. I like to leave enough space on the top that I can easily stitch around the pocket lining later!

Stitch on the rectangle.
Carefully, in the center of the rectangle, start to cut 1/4" away from the short edge, and cut to 1/4" away from the other short edge.
This is what you should have.

Snip from the end of the cut to the corners--making a triangle at the end.
Be very careful not to cut the stitching! 

Turn the lining through the hole, to the wrong side of the main.
Press, pulling the fabric so it is a straight rectangle.

Line a zipper up behind the rectangle you just made, making sure the zipper stop and zipper pull are inside the rectangle.
You can open the zipper part way to fit it in.

Take your zipper foot and stitch completely around the zipper, as close to the edge as you can get.

This is what it'll look like on the back.

You can trim your zipper down to size--about 1/4" past the stitching, on both sides.

You should now have this on the back.

Now, lay the other pocket lining piece right sides together with the one attached to the zipper.

Stitch around the edges, using your preferred seam allowance.
And, you're ready to add a zipped pocket into almost anything!

I hope you can use this in a future project!

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