Monday, June 22, 2015

Pattern Review: Gemini Skirt & Otium Top by Sofiantjes

Hi, this is Amanda from Mandy K Designs. I was so excited to finally be able to do a pattern review for the Betties Blog! As a designer, sometimes it's hard to look at a pattern and not think "Oh, I would have done this different, and this, and this...." but with these two patterns, I really didn't have many of those thoughts! So let's get to it- I was more than happy to sew up two patterns from Sofiantjes: the Gemini Skirt and Otium Top. Lets start with the Gemini Skirt. The Gemini Skirt pattern comes in sizes NB to 12y and there are two options. The first is a fitted skirt with kangaroo pockets and off centered side seams. The 2nd option is a double layered skirt. Both have yoga style waistbands. The pattern is layered, so you only need to print the sizes you need! I made the option with the kangaroo pockets, because I knew my daughter would love the pockets!


The pattern pieces lined up perfectly when I taped them together. The pages are meant to be trimmed, but I never do this. I tape them together on the big window of my sliding glass door. Of course, this only works when it's light outside! According to the size chart, my daughter is a size 7/8 for width, but a size 5/6 for length. It was very easy to make these adjustments. I love knit patterns, because they use very little fabric. My skirt too a little less than 3/4 yards total!


I'm going to admit here...that I made a mistake when cutting out the pieces (gasp!). I wasn't paying attention and I cut the front skirt and the pocket in the opposite fabric that I had intended. I meant for the entire outside of the skirt to be in the purple fabric. BUT, it still looks cute...and you would have never know if I hadn't told you!! LOL Another awesome fact about this took me about 30 minutes to cut and sew this skirt!! So this is perfect for a nap time project!


Next, I sewed up the Otium top. This pattern comes in sizes 12m to 14y and has multiple options too: Short, 3/4 and long sleeve, diagonal pocket, low back with a bow, short sleeves and no pocket. I made the low back with a bow in size 7. My daughter was just at the measurements for a size 6, so I decided to go up a size. I should have stuck with size 6, because the 7 is just a little bit big. But hey, she might be able to wear it next summer too!! Just like the Gemini Skirt, this pattern is layered and has a printing guide so you only print the pages for your size/style. While this top took a little longer to assemble than the Gemini Skirt, it was still pretty quick to make. It took me about an hour from start to finish.


When I told my daughter we needed to go take pictures, she was less than thrilled....until I told her the top had a bow on it. Then she was very excited!


This top took just slightly under 1 yard of fabric total. I bought 1.5 yards of each of these fabrics, and I have enough left to make another set! Oh, another thing about both of these patterns....Anne uses illustrations instead of photo's. They are very clear, well drawn and easy to understand! She also includes a summary of the steps in case you don't need to look at all the illustrations. The place we took these pictures has lots of natural obstacles to play on, and even though she was in a skirt, she could easily climb, run, jump and have fun! If you haven't tried these two pattern from Sofilantjes yet, my daughter and I definitely recommend them!

DSC_1155 DSC_1032



Happy Sewing - Mandy

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