Monday, July 6, 2015

Pattern Review: Love Bird Dress by MCM Studio Designs

Hi, it's Amanda from Mandy K Designs with another pattern review. This past week I sewed up the Love Bird Dress by MCM Studio Designs. Actually I was given the option either doing the Love Bird Dress or the Trumpet Flower Dress. It was a hard decision to pick, because they are both gorgeous! But choose I did, and the Love Bird Dress was the winner. What surprised me most about this dress? I was a little short on time and afraid I was going to miss the deadline, BUT this dress sewed up amazingly fast. I thought with all those ruffles it would take forever, but MCM's ingenious design made it simple and quick!!


The pattern comes with multiple options: no ruffles, 3 ruffles or 4 ruffles. You can add cap sleeves, petal sleeves or go sleeveless, and there is even an option at a cute apron! I went with 3 ruffles and no sleeves. I found the size chart matches my daughters RTW size almost perfectly. My daughter has a big belly, which usually means I need to mash sizes together to get a great fit. I went with a straight 6 and the fit was really good! The heart shape cut-out on the back bodice might seem a little intimidating. But by taking your time sewing the curves and clipping the curves really well, you will end up with great results! My daughter saw the cut-out and was MORE than willing to put it on and take pictures!


Even though this dress is cute in all white, I have been wanting to try a dying technique called Ice Dying....the red turned out a little brighter than all the other colors, but my daughter loves it anyway. And it's now a fun everyday dress!


Over all, this was a fairly quick and easy pattern to sew. If you've been on the edge about purchasing the Love Bird Dress, I really suggest that you go for it!! This would make a perfect party dress. I can just see it in and red and green plaid satin.....







Happy Sewing - Mandy


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