Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pattern Review: Cote d'Azur Sun Hat by ShannonMac Designs

When Shannon from ShannonMac Designs announced the testing call for the Cote d'Azur Sun Hat, I was very tempted to apply to be a tester. I own several hats, but they don't work with all of my outfits, and I wanted a more versatile one.  But I wasn't sure I would be able to get the right interfacing in my little neighborhood fabric and notion stores. If I am testing a pattern, I want to (and should) follow the pattern instructions to a T. So I passed up the opportunity.

A bow on the hat goes with my bow earrings.

I forgot all about it until Shannon wanted someone to sew up and review one of her patterns. As a coordinator of pattern reviewers for Swhetty Bettie's Blog, I was starting to look for the right person. Then it dawned on me that I could be the one doing it. I snatched up the opportunity right the way! I hope no one is thinking that I am taking advantage of my position. (I am sure the very nice ladies at Swhetty Bettie wouldn't think that.)

The Cote d'Azur Sun Hat comes in many sizes from 16" to 24" (41 cm to 61 cm) head circumference. You could use the pattern to make a hat for any of your family member. Ready-to-wear hats are usually too small for my enormous head. I am glad that Cote d'Azur Sun Hat comes in my size.

My big head fits comfortably in the Cote d'Azur Sun Hat.

And you have the choice for a 4", 5" or 6" (10 cm, 12.7 cm or 15.2 cm) brim. I was going to make a 4" brim because I am going for a sporty look. After putting it together, but before putting the final bias binding on, I decided to cut another 1.5" off the 4" brim to make it even narrower since I don't need the hat to shade more than my face. So keep in mind that you always have that liberty to make the brim smaller. You could even going for a 5.5" or a 4.5" by cutting the brim down a bit yourself.

My original suspicion was correct; I wasn't able to find heavy fusible interfacing in my town, and most of my fusible interfacing in my stash is for garment making. However, I do have a non-fusible interfacing. It's supposed to be for tailoring. I bought many yards of this stuff when I found a good deal, but I suppose my eyes were bigger than my stomach - I haven't used a sliver of it to make anything since I got it 5 years ago. Now it's the opportunity to use it. I used a fabric glue to temporarily adhere the interfacing to the main fabric pieces. It's not the easiest way to do it, but the end result is pretty good. Heavy fusible interfacing is not hard to find if you have a sewing store nearby. But you have to understand that I live in the middle of nowhere, so it takes lots of planning and searching to get any sewing supplies.

Since I couldn't find any heavy fusible interfacing in my town, I opted to use the tailoring hair canvas in my stash. I used a fabric glue stick to temporarily adhere the interfacing to the fabric.

I chose a neutral color for the outer fabric, and a blue and white print for the inside and the bias binding, which you could cut your own or use a purchased one.

I was experimenting with different ways to decorate the hat, and ultimately settled on making a bow (the bow is not part of the pattern, but hey, it's a bow - you can do it!) I was thinking about using some fabric flower too, but maybe I can do that for my next one.

I used the outer fabric and the lining fabric to construct a strip to make the bow.

I love my Cote d'Azur Sun Hat. I think it's versatile, functional and beautiful. How do you like it?

Perfect for a sunny day!


Kennis Wong is the owner and designer of Itch to Stitch sewing patterns.


  1. This is great! I wear hats everyday! I was tempted to do this review too but just ran out of time. I might have to just go buy the pattern ;-).

    1. You should, Debbie. It's a great pattern. You can have different brim sizes and different colors to match different outfits.

  2. Now I am interested in this pattern - like the smaller brim! Is there anything that doesn't look good on you, Kennis?

    1. You are funny. :-) If you take 400 photos, one or two are bound to look good, just sayin' ;-)

    2. Everything looks great on Kennis! Thank you so much for the review! I love your hat, and the bow is the perfect touch :) I have been considering adding some embellishments to the pattern, this makes me want to do that even more!

    3. There are many fun embellishments that you could add! It's nice to have some suggestions from the pattern, but the sewists should feel free to add their own too. Sewing is about creativity! :-)

  3. You're a fashion model for sure! Love your hat!


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