Monday, October 12, 2015

Introducing The Wolf and the Tree

As a new PDF sewing pattern designer on the block I would like to introduce myself! My name is Saskia and The Wolf and the Tree is my little dream come true. 

I have been sewing a long, long time. I started out making bags as a child under the guidance of my mother. In high school I made my first self-drafted clothes. When my boy was born I wanted only organic clothes for him (made of unicorn thread no doubt according to the price tag) as well as sleep sacks that actually kept him warm in winter. And when my girl was born I was utterly disappointed with store bought clothing options.

Needless to say, me and my sewing machine are quite close.

My favorite sewing machine's name is Peggy. Named after her first owner, my dear friend and honorary great-grandmother to my children. I have her and my husband to thank for taking this step into the PDF sewing pattern world. She used to be a seamstress and had bought this Elna sewing machine in the early 1970's. She was also proud owner of a travel sewing machine and a large arsenal of books and accessories. When we realized we shared a love for sewing she insisted on giving her baby to me (the Elna) to make sure it gets all the love it hadn't for quite a few years, along with all the books and accessories. I was dancing for a week straight. At least in my mind. This machine purrs. It sings to me. It is truly a pleasure sewing with her and I remember Peggy and all the encouragement she gave me. I have been working on my first few PDF sewing patterns ever since the beginning of this year and have shown her my progress every few days, that is how excited I was. She was excited with, and for me. And I miss her.

I will forever be grateful to her for pushing me to just do. Just as my husband does. He was the one to encourage me to offer patterns. I had been making patterns for my kids first for my son, then for my daughter, when I couldn't find what I was looking for on the PDF market and just filed them along with the patterns I had bought. I love drafting patterns and because I know it will fit well and the design will be just the way I want it to be I wound up using my own patterns more often than the bought ones. So, while I didn't think about offering them to other mommas and although I am the one who sews, it was initially my husband's idea to start expanding and eventually offering my designs. He's awesome like that. 


So here we are. On the brink of releasing several patterns with more designs in their beginning stages. It looks to be a very interesting and extensive journey since I can't seem to close my eyes at night without thinking of fabric, fabric and new designs. 

Thanks for your support as always!



  1. Loved this mini bio of you, Saskia! I laughed at the "unicorn thread" statement! I only own your tights pattern & looking forward to your sock pattern, as well! Anxious to see your other designs! Thank you for your talented gifts that you share with so many!


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