Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Aspiring Designer: Duck Butt Designs

As it turns out, designing for women is a lot different than designing for kids. Kids are essentially tubes with arms and heads and legs...
Ok, way over simplified.
Women have curves- side to side and front to back. Trickier, but also opens up placement possibilities. Rather than having a useable pocket start under the arm, having it start at the natural waist pulls the eye in and has a slimming effect. 

Revisiting the pocket tee also allowed me to go back and address everything that people wanted with the original. Double pockets? Check. Sleeveless? Check. Cowl neck and hood? Check and check.

Oh, and three different fits to make sure that there really is something for everyone. 
My first pattern for women took a while to get right, and my testers went above and beyond helping me make it ready for you, so you can finally have your own (or a matching mommy and me set!
Special Thanks to 
Misty Dorman (BWD Fabrics)
Erin Beggs Wilson (The Eleven Thirty Five)
Denise Keierleber
Seana Hollingsworth
Shannon Wallace (Fabric Stache)
Krista Wasco
Erin Antonelli
Ashlee Marie Aisenson
Karen Anderhalt
Jennifer Lipscomb
Niccole Hunt (Domestic Diva Designs)
Naomi Copeland (Ahuva Penina Designs)
Amanda Bodine (Sew Be it Boutique)
Melissa Uhler
Amanda Katy Davis (Blip Boutique)
Sarah Machen
Buy it HERE , Using code "FINALLY" for 25% off (works on any order of patterns from the shop) or enter to win it for FREE (if you buy now, but win the rafflecopter giveaway, I will refund your money.)

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  1. I'm lucky enough to have this very talented lady in the family! She is an inspired designer and I'm lucky enough to be able to wear her designs. Compliments always follow!


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