Saturday, November 21, 2015

Aspiring Designer: The Wolf and the Tree

I am excited to be part of the Aspiring Designer Challenge! The Swhetty Betties are truly an amazing group of women helping others achieve their goals and dreams. So first of all, thank you Swhetty Betties!!

Now to my pattern!

Walking through stores can be frustrating. You see cute knee highs with a button and lace and in cream and just altogether dreamy, you reach for them and realize the dimensions that look like they were made exclusively for 12 year olds. So you sigh and put them back. The same goes for sexy over knee socks. 

The Wolf and the Tree's Going Rogue Socks for men and women allows you to create socks that fit exactly your needs. The many options allow you to make everything from mini crew, crew, bobby socks, knee highs, over knee socks as well as slouchy leg warmers with or without side snap accent to be what you need them to be. This also means no more runs and no more buying overpriced per pair socks because your man's feet are too big. 

A heel provides extra support and reduces bunching on top but is entirely optional and French Seams help to prevent even the pickiest of feet to not be bothered by the single seam that runs across the side and around the toes. 

This pattern has been comfort tested by men and women alike during work days and all snuggled up in bed all with happy results.

Make yourself some ruffle top socks, some fur trim socks, lace, buttons, plush knit, you make what you want! Just think of all the ways your feet can be comfy! Make sock angels! It'll feel great! 

The pattern is available here:

Use coupon code 'GoingRogue' to get it for $6.50! Have you been waiting for a sale to snatch up the tights and socks for your little girl (or boy)? Use coupon code 'Roguebundle' to get a flat 15% off your purchase!

Thank you so much for the love and for supporting Indie Designers! You are helping us live our dream!

- The Wolf and the Tree - 

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