Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Aspiring Designer: Paraplu

Hi, I'm Maegen and I usually blog at Mae & K. Recently it's been quiet over there, because I've been working on a really fun project: my first PDF pattern! I am now officially the designer behind Paraplu. Bartowski-1 A few of you may wonder where the name Bartowski came from, it's a reference to one of my favorite TV shows, Chuck! Bartowski-5 I love to dress my little boys up, and they love to wear ties to church. I have been disappointed in the selection of ties to buy for little boys--most are faux ties-- and most of the patterns I found are for faux ties as well. I wanted the real thing! I figured I couldn't wait around forever for someone else to have the idea to make a pattern and I should just do it myself. Now here we are! 12232684_773917940759_7674351547829555671_o These ties are a really fun, quick project (about an hour from start to finish) and you can use so many different kinds of fabrics! The instructions are illustrated, the pattern pieces are layered, and the pages are no trim. Bartowski-Slim-Tie-2 I'm so excited to be sharing this with you as part of the Bettie's Aspiring Designer Challenge. You can purchase the Bartowski Slim Tie for 15% using the code: PARAPLUGRANDOPENING. The code will be good through November 24th. Bartowski-4

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