Monday, November 2, 2015

Pattern Review by Bella the Bear

Hi Everyone. My name is Bella. I am a 37 cm/ 14.5 inch (approx) high bear and I live with the owner of Sofilantjes Patterns. My owner agreed on writing a review for Pickle Toes Patterns and asked me to model for her. Off course I was thrilled she asked! Not only did I get my own personal undies, I also finally get to be a real model. And..... I get to go with my owners mom on a sewing weekend! So, let me tell you about the pattern first. The pattern is designed for animals like Build- a-Bear stuffed friends, but also fit stuffed animals of similar body style and sizes (like myself). The pattern has pattern pieces for boys and girls undies. Instructions with pictures and seam allowance are included. Bella 5 Sewing my own undies using this pattern was easy. Yes, I can totally sew this pattern myself! Bella 7 Because I am a girl I only sewed the girls version but I did think about sewing the other version too. I was just too afraid people would start calling me Bob..... So, I sewed myself some underwear using the same fabric as my little owner has a shirt from. Now we get to match. Sadly my sweet little owner wasn't with us on our sewing trip so I had to model on my own. Bella 4 At first I was fine with modelling but being outside was so exciting. I could not help myself taking a little walk. My owners mom agreed on following me so there I went. I totally rock these undies by the way! Bella 2 Can you see the picture above? My bum is so pretty and warm. And the designer left room for my tail! After being outside for a while I got tired, and that lady would not stop taking pictures of me. I took a little nap in the sun. Bella 12 But then I got a little cold and wanted to go inside. If only I had more time to sew. I could have sewn myself a shirt, pants, skirt and leggings using the other patterns from Pickle Toes Patterns. Bella 9


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