Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Zippy Keepers Pattern Review from Fabulous Home Sewn

Hi! This is Jill from AimerLae & Finn reviewing the Zippy Keepers pattern from Fabulous Home Sewn.
I was so excited for a chance and excuse to sew up this cute little zipper pouch! I LOVE zipper pouches. They are such a quick and gratifying sew, and my little girl loves to stash her stuff in them.
This pattern is well written and loaded with options. You can print the pattern pieces or just cut from measurements (and it's a good thing the measurements are there since my printer decided to die the very day I was making this!) There are 4 options for the center panel included in the tutorial as well as 2 sizes and a wrist strap option. The center panel can be measured pleats, improvisational pleats, gathers, or pieced. I chose the improvisational pleats and the smaller size with no wrist strap.
While I've made tons of zipper pouches, I must say this one is worth special attention!
I love the finished look of the zipper end covers.
The center panel gives that special touch of added interest.
You can find the pattern on Craftsy here!

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