Friday, December 4, 2015

Chris and Christy’s All Season PJ Bottoms Pattern Review

Katie here, from Duck Butt Designs. People get so excited these days about ruffles and color blocking that they sometimes forget what a joy it is to find a well written pattern for something simple that can be a staple of their child's wardrobe. Chris and Christy’s All Season PJ Bottoms by Jennifer Gunn of Snuggle My Baby patterns is so well written with clear and precise instructions and pictures that beginners will have no problem with the project while more advanced sewers will be able to jump right in without having to wade through endless pages of introduction; the whole file is only 26 pages. The sizing and fabric charts are easy to follow. Jennifer includes beautiful diagrams to help with maximizing yardage. The pattern does not include layers, but the layout and lines are foolproof and the labeling is superb. My first thought when working with a new pattern for pants is always about the rise - will they fit nicely over a diapered bottom?

My second is always - is this going to be long enough for my lanky tall dude but skinny enough so that it doesn't fall off of him? No worries; Jennifer includes directions for tailoring the waistband fit!
Since it's so cold here, I opted for some sweatshirt fleece to keep my guy warm, but this pattern can be made with lightweight wovens for warmer temps, and has cutting lines for shorts (girl and boy versions), capri, and pants length.

Putting these pants together is a breeze. I always appreciate designers who have the leg seams sewn first and then the curve for the crotch; it makes for much better lines on a finished product.

The fit? Nice and roomy. My guy is sans diaper during the day but needs a little extra help at night. This fit nicely over his pull up and his underwear. He has plenty of room to jump and crouch (and the major test - they stay up when he squats) and believe me, he put these to the test immediately. And they took him right from playing hard (the trains don';t drive themselves) to bed!
This is my new go-to pajama bottom pattern; no more tracing a pair that fits and guessing on seam allowance. It will be yours too, and right in time to whip up a bunch for the holidays. Check out the pattern on Etsy!

** If you would like to sell finished products as a small batch manufacturer, make sure to check the compliance requirements with the CPSC for youth pajamas.

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