Monday, December 7, 2015

Designer Introduction: Aila and Frankie Patterns

Hi everyone! My name is Laurie Montanaro Cady and I am the Owner and Designer at
Aila and Frankie Patterns. Aila and Frankie Patterns is named for my daughter, Aila
Francesca. She is the reason I got back into sewing. I just needed to make her lots of
beautiful dresses when she born after having 2 boys! She is 5 now and I have added 2
more children to my family. At the moment, my rst “job” is being a Stay at Home
Mom to my 5 little ones, 3 boys and 2 girls. I design my patterns and sew when my
little ones go to bed each night.

Before being a Stay at Home Mom I was busy being an Architect. I primarily worked
on Healthcare and Residential Projects. I still do a few Architectural jobs each year as
well. Most people are surprised when I tell them that Architecture and Sewing are
actually pretty similar. Both require measurements, tting the proper pieces together
and a good eye for the design aspect of each project. The years of drafting easily
translated into my Pattern Making as well. Instead of drafting .oor plans and exterior
elevations, I now draft armscyes and facings!

My rst experience actually sewing something came in middle school Home
Economics classes like so many of us were required to take. We learned the basics of a
machine and how to sew a straight line. Not much but enough to get me interested!
My grandmother was so excited to see I enjoyed sewing. She had been a Pattern
Maker for Wedding Dresses when she was younger. Her family made all of their own
clothing since money was tight. So she became my mentor. I still show her most of my
sewing projects when she comes to visit. She is always so excited for me to share
them with her. Even at 93, she still always checks out the inside of the garment as well
to make sure I’m doing it right!

           The Honeyflower                                                                                   The Violet

I have only released 2 patterns to date. I have a huge stack of patterns that are
currently waiting to be graded. I nd myself putting them aside to start a new pattern
because my girls can never have enough new clothes! I have committed myself to
grading, testing and releasing at least 3 new patterns before March. I hope you all will
check in occasionally to see my progress. Please feel free to follow me on my Facebook
or Instagram pages under Aila and Frankie Patterns.

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