Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Pattern Review - Pensacola Beach Petal Top, Winter Style

Hi there, My name is Anne and I blog at Sofilantjes. I was asked by Nicola from Seaside Notions, who is one of our Betties Designers, to review her pattern. But not just any pattern. The review is about a beautiful summer top in winter..... She asked me to create a winter version for her. Well I did! Petal top sewn by sofilantjes8 What is the first thing you do when you are asked to sew up a summer top in winter? Exactly, choose a fabric that screams winter... Well ok, maybe not always but I did this time. I made a polar bear version of the Pensacola Beach Petal top. Petal top sewn by sofilantjes The top I made is one size up from her chest size. Or actually it is the chest size she has when she will wear a tank top or shirt underneath. I choose the size that also fits her length. But after sewing I do think she might have a longer torso that I thought. Now for the review part. Let me tell you about this pattern. First, you will love it. The pattern lines actually have sizes in the lines! I love that feature. Also there is a layered feature to save on printing ink. And a printing chart to save on paper. Instructions are made using graphics. And she actually made two pattern pieces per front and back. One for bias band and one for hemming. Saves you from adjusting the pattern pieces yourself! Yay, for not having to do much but sew. Now, you still want to see more pictures right? Here is the way we wear this top in winter. Oh and say cheese. She's taking your picture. Petal top sewn by sofilantjes9 Petal top sewn by sofilantjes6 Oh wait! I almost forgot to show you that beautiful scoop back. (And my heart shaped snaps) Originally the pattern is made using a button, but when you are running out of time you go for snaps..... At least I do ;-) Petal top sewn by sofilantjes 3 Thank you Nicola for letting me have a go with your pattern.

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