Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Aspiring Designer: Stitch Me Plenty

Today's Aspiring Designer is Sharon Ong of Stitch Me Plenty.  Sharon's sweet new Arabella skirt is launching today.

Here is what Sharon has to say.

Thanks to all my beautiful testers, the Arabella Skirt is finally ready for launch!! (9 Feb 2016)

What's unique about this skirt is the 'shape' of the skirt. It is essentially a bubble skirt...

The design gives an illusion of flares on the sides, adding to its puffy look.
Designed to be worn at the natural waist, some prefer wearing it at the hips.

This skirt also features a flat front (elastic gathered back for versatile sizing), as well as the added component of button tabs for the added feature of fun and style, or just for to have that perfect fit.

You may choose to have a contrast of colours between the waist band and the skirt, or just keeping it simple with a uniform colour all the way through.

Or.......... Use real leather for the casing!! (amazing work by the tester)

This skirt may be made with a variety of fabrics to give it a different look to the 'puffiness'. Polyester/silk sateen used for the shell does well doing this.

To top it off, this skirt is fully lined as well with no exposed seams! 

Classed as an advanced beginner, everyone should try their hands on this versatile skirt! Worn in the summer on its own or with leggings beneath in the winter, definitely a winner~!

The arabella Skirt with Booties....

Ready for the challenge??? Get your ARABELLA SKIRT PATTERN today now!! (Launch price of US$4 ends on Valentines Day!!)


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