Thursday, March 10, 2016

Easter Sewing Week Mentor Spotlight: Kelly J Designs

Easter outfits for my family has presented a couple problems for me over the past couple years.
First, I always get in my head that because it's spring Easter is going to be a beautiful sunny and warm day and plan warmer-weather clothing for my boys.  But we live in Ohio.  Easter is never warm in Ohio.  We end up with a bunch of family pictures of us shivering.
Another problem is that I have active boys that like comfy clothing.  Fancy Easter outfits get exchanged for T-shirts as soon as we get home from church and the beautiful garments I spent hours on get put in the closet, never to be worn again.
Then there's the problem I had last year.  I started three weeks before Easter on my boys' suit pants to make sure I would have time to finish them.  And by Easter morning they had both grown so much their ankles were showing.

So, this year I have a solution to most of those problems:

The Brandt Shirt.

The Brandt Shirt is long-sleeved with a high collar, making it perfect for windy spring days.  (It's also a great pattern to use to upcycle an old sweater! This Brandt shirt was made using one of my husband's old sweaters.)

The Brandt shirt is comfortable, yet has a sophisticated look, making it wearable for church, Easter dinner, and egg-hunting, and any other day.

While I can't make your kids' growth spurts from slowing down, the Brandt shirt goes together super fast.  So if you wanted to wait until the day before to make it to be sure your child wouldn't outgrow it before it was finished, you could.

Have I convinced you to try out the Brandt Shirt Pattern?  Buy it, or any of my other patterns, in my Etsy shop now through Saturday and use the coupon code EASTERSEWINGWEEK for 30% off!

Want some more inspiration for the Brandt Shirt?  See my tester photos here, or join my Facebook group!

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