Friday, April 8, 2016

Seaside Notions Tester Appreciation

IMG_2470Hello Lovelies! I'm Candice - wife, and mother of two. I am a sewing blogger (over at Candice and PDF pattern tester. I have been sewing for 7 plus years, but have only been pattern testing since February of 2015 - I have no idea why it took me so long to discover the amazing world of pattern testing. The Sewing Community is unbelievably huge, (like blow your mind huge!) and like any community it branches out into smaller facets. PDF Pattern Designers who create PDF Sewing Patterns are just one of those facets. PDF Pattern Designers make it easy for people like me who have a really hard time reading and understanding commercial sewing patterns and their instructions - I swear it "looks" like English, but it translates into a totally different foreign language in my head. #truestory

When I started getting into PDF Sewing Patterns, I remember the entire process blew my mind! Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could print off an entire pattern from my home printer and let alone print off just the size I needed for that one project; instead of tracing or having to worry about torn tissue paper. When I started building my pattern testing portfolio for different designers, I began to realize that not all designers where the same, they had different ways of creating and executing their patterns as well as their pattern testing process. I have been lucky enough to test for an incredible bunch of designers, one of which is Nicola Hebert of Seaside Notions.


IMG_2475I actually came across Seaside Notions before I knew who Nicola was, because I was looking for "the perfect pattern" for a nautical themed blog tour I was apart of, and I came across the Pensacola Beach Petal Top. It was absolutely the perfect pattern for the fabric theme. (Half the fun of pattern testing if finding the perfect fabric to match/compliment the pattern your are testing.)

When I saw her tester call go out for her newest pattern The Grand Isle Top & Maxi, I quickly applied. I was thrilled to be picked, I had my heart set on sewing a dress for #thespiritedone so this was the perfect opportunity. The testing process was enjoyable. Nicola communicated her needs to us in a professional yet friendly manner, so much so you felt like you were talking and joking around with a friend. She received tester feedback gracefully and never once did she make any of us feel any negativity. Her edits were quick and her compliments about our fabric choices and our darling kids felt sincere and sweet. (Who doesn't like hearing they have a cute kid, right? lol). It was during this testing Nicola asked me if I'd like to be a part of a Tester Appreciation blog tour where I would talk about my experience testing for her, and of course, I was happy to oblige. But it is what happened after that, that makes this write up even more special. We were smack in the middle of testing, when my grandfather suddenly passed and I had to fly out of the country a few days after hearing the news. Was she upset that I couldn't finish? NOPE! I am OCD, and I obsess about putting my best work forward staying true to my word and finishing my tasks...I couldn't do any of those things considering the situation, and I was being really hard on myself - but her patience, understanding and humility towards me truly meant a lot. I appreciated the fact that she placed family first, and she was concerned about me as a person, rather than seeing me as a tester who couldn't complete the task.

(sidenote: I will be sharing my Grand Isle on my blog in May.)

So in honor of this guest post and to Nicola, I wanted to sew up another Pensacola Seaside Petal top - this time in its true form (if you noticed I made a slight modification on the back of the first one). This time I decided to do the sleeveless version.






The only small modification I did here was add the little trim at the center of the bodice.


The Pensacola Beach Petal Top is really one of my very favorite patterns, just something about those petals, and trim. If you're reading this and you ever see a tester call go out from Seaside Notions, apply for it! Her patterns are simple to understand and thorough in instructions and methods, and she's an all around great person to work with, but if you're a member of her Facebook Group: Seaside Notions Pattern Group , you know that already. :) If not, you really should be!

Thank you Swhetty Betties for having me guest post today and thank you everyone who stopped by to join me here! Wishing you all a safe and fantastic weekend! xoxo



  1. Both your makes of this pattern are gorgeous. I'm feeling inspired to whip up another one for my girls now! :)

    1. Thank you Sarah! TOTALLY DO IT!! I enjoy enabling! bwahahaha!! ;)

  2. it is gorgeous as usual. Candice is the best ;)


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