Friday, April 8, 2016

Tester Appreciation Week: Emi for Designs by Call Ajaire

Emi from Just Add Fabric:

I was surprised and flattered when Ajaire of Designs by Call Ajaire contacted me to see if I would be interested in participating in this blog tour. I really enjoy testing for Ajaire -- you know you're in for some interesting new ideas and mind-bending shapes when you go in for a test with her! 

The first test I did for her was the Paneled Sunsuit pattern, when I was still quite new to sewing. 

I basically learned how to sew from Japanese sewing books, which a friend helped me navigate in the early days, and the rest I sort of learned as I went along, making lots and lots of mistakes! I was so happy to have been given the opportunity to participate in a test, and I loved the entire experience. I might have gone a little overboard and made quite a few sunsuits from that test! 

Before this test, I had never even heard of flat piping -- in fact, I think I'd never even used piping before! 

What I love is that her patterns are playtime-friendly, as you can see by my daughter riding her strider bike here:

The add-on sleeves test for the sunsuit was so much fun, too. When I first saw the pattern, I was so surprised. How in the world was that going to work??? I thought. But it did, naturally!

The floral top became part of her back to school capsule. And it's reversible!!! Genius.

I was also a tester for the Ruffled Arch Skirt, which is such a sweet skirt. Unfortunately I don't have any great pictures of it, because as soon as my daughter put it on, she just wouldn't stand still and it got all wrinkled. But take my word for it, this one was a hit, too.

Needless to say, I definitely learned how to do ruffles on this test! My daughter was not big on ruffles, but she liked the the swingy skirt and how the ruffles made it look like there was a bustle in the back. 

The latest test was a real challenge, but so worth it! It really taught me to slow down and take my time with the sewing. Why? Because it was a coat, the Mackinaw Coat -- and you don't rush a coat, lol. 

Look at that! Bound buttonholes! Not perfect, but at least now I know how to do them. Thank you, Ajaire!

It's always such a pleasure testing for Ajaire. You're guaranteed to learn new techniques, and she's so open and friendly that she makes testing and sewing challenges so much fun. She's got a great Facebook group if you want to join in the fun! 

Thank you for all the wonderful opportunities you've given me, Ajaire!

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