Friday, May 20, 2016

Aspiring Designer: The Wolf and the Tree

Hello, ladies!

The Swhetty Betties make sure to help you stay on track with these challenges - and I love them for it! My newest pattern for this cycle is *Poppy Swirl Doll Socks*!

This is the sister pattern to 

the *Swirly Pop Doll Tights*

 and also comes in two doll 

sizes: 15'' and 18''!  

Perfect dolly and me matching opportunity for your girl and her little girl. The options include crew sock, knee high and over knee socks with cuff band or elastic cuff. 

Do you want instructions that also include bobby socks, trim top and trim bottom as well as leg warmers? Get the coordinating children's sock pattern: Abby's Trailblazing socks and create boutique style high-end socks that nobody will believe you made!

And not least of all, your little lady will adore you for making her own little mini me her perfect side kick with every outfit.

The best part? Join my Facebook The Wolf and the Tree group (TWT sewing den) for the coupon code to get the pattern for free!

Awesome? Yes!! Get them and get to sewing socks! 

Here is the link to the pattern: Poppy Swirl Doll Socks

Lastly, make sure you enter the Giveaway for a chance to win all the patterns of this Aspiring Designer Challenge and patterns by generous mentors that have already completed their challenges.  (Thank you!)

Thank you so much for the love and for supporting Indie Designers! You are helping us live our dream!

- The Wolf and the Tree - 

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