Saturday, May 21, 2016

Aspiring Designer's Challenge Week: Final Giveaway!

We have had so many lovely patterns from some very talented designers this week!
Let's recap what we have seen this week.

 First we had Paraplu with the Halpert Tie

Next we had the Jenny Wrap Dress from Designer Stitch.

Sew by Pattern Pieces followed that up with The Sport Dress

Snuggle My Baby Patterns shared with us Susan's Button Up Tunic and Dress

Pickle Toes Patterns presented us with the trio of the Safari Tank, the Pickled Peppers Tank, and the Snail Hunter shorts.

After that we had the Dyyni Skirt from Pienkel.

And rounding out the week we had the Poppy Swirl Doll Socks from The Wolf and the Tree.

Now it's time for the final giveaway!

One lucky winner will win all of the featured patterns from each of the Aspiring Designers that we have seen this week.

Not only that, but another winner will win patterns from our sponsors for this week!

Pattern of choice up to $12 from Muffin Head Patterns
Pattern of choice from Fabulous Home Sewn
Pattern of choice from MCM Studio Designs
Pattern of choice from Duck Butt Designs *
Pattern of choice from Bishy Barnababes *
Pattern of choice from Sew By Pattern Pieces *
The Susan's Button Up Tunic and Dress from Snuggle My Baby Patterns

*bundles excluded

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  1. What a lovely collection of patterns.

  2. What a great round-up! Lots of great patterns this time around!

  3. I just love seeing new designers have a nurturing place to grow. Beautiful work by all of them!

  4. Lots of great designs - well done everyone!

  5. That's my Princess, modelling the Susan's Button Up Tunic. Its a wonderful pattern and very fast to sew!

  6. What lovely patterns! And I adore the Susan's Button Up tunic...doesn't it look great on our precious granddaughter!

  7. Such great ideas in these patterns!

  8. Such great ideas in these patterns!

  9. I love the little socks!!! SO CUTE!! I think my daughter would love Susan's button up tunic.

  10. Loved this whole week- such inspiration!


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