Monday, May 16, 2016

We Are Looking For New Designers


What is a Swhetty Bettie and How To Become one....

A "Swhetty Bettie" is a pattern designer that is not a household name. The "Swhetty Betties" is a group created to help new designers gain exposure, get advice and start marketing their patterns. We  help new-to-the-business designers find answers until they become established. New members are called "Aspiring Designers or ADs.

There are only a few requirements for joining. First, the designer should already have drafted sewing patterns, whether they have been released or not. Second, the designer will submit an application to the group, the approval process is usually quick. Third, the designer needs to have a store front which does not need to be stocked. Fourth, commit to releasing at least two patterns in the first year through the Aspiring Designer Challenges. (AD Challenges). Many of our designers focus their efforts on clothing patterns. Others design quilts, toys, bags and accessories so there is room for everyone.

The Aspiring Designer is in full control of her design, testing and marketing process for the AD Challenge. We do not "boss" the Aspiring Designer. Since we do not teach pattern drafting, the AD must be able to draft and produce PDF patterns on her own. Group members will offer advice if the AD is having a fitting issue or some other problem with her design.    

The AD Challenges are held four times a year as an opportunity to release patterns and reach a wider audience of people eager to see and sew new designs from new designers. Once the Aspiring Designer has completed their challenges, they are encouraged to continue participating in The Betties group by becoming a Mentor.


 Mentors have more experience and take turns volunteering in various capacities including moderating the Facebook group, writing blog posts, and providing insight into successful business models so that the incoming Aspiring Designers have someone to turn to for advice, and so the cycle continues.

The group offers a sales and promotions page called, "Betties Basket Sales and Promotions". ADs and Mentors may post tester calls and new pattern releases there. ADs are encouraged to seek additional groups that will allow tester calls and promotions for more exposure. 

There are many advantages to becoming a Bettie. The group is relatively small, so the advice and support is personal. The Betties also maintains this blog which features not only the Aspiring Designer Challenges but also designer introductions, tutorials and tips, as well as giveaways, pattern reviews, and Mentor pattern releases. If you are interested in joining the Betties, contact one of the admins through our Facebook group.

Bettie's Basket Sales and Promotions

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