AD Challenge

The AD Challenge was organized by the Swhetty Betties.  This is our working pattern designer group that offers support, help and friendship for small time PDF Pattern Designers.  Each of the aspiring designers in this group are actively working to create and release a new pattern at least each 6 months.  To encourage new designers to continue working, the Betties organized the Aspiring Designer Challenges.  These challenges happen quarterly and you can check our previous challenges on Pattern Revolution.  Designers create their pattern, call for testers in their Betties Baskets and Promotions Group and then blog about and release their pattern. It is a great opportunity for new designers to get their name out there and to promote their designs.

The Swhetty Betties believe there is a place for every designer in the PDF Pattern market. We hope you take time to visit each of the designers shops or Facebook pages.  Let them know that you like their designs and encourage them to continue designing.  As a sewing community, we can help boost one another and encourage each other to be better.  


Are you a designer?  The Swhetty Betties are always looking for new designers to join the group.  Interested applicants are asked to fill out a simple application and then contact the group admin for admission.  Designers accepted into the group are required to:
-Currently creating and designing their own PDF Patterns
-Participate regularly in the group
-Participate in a challenge every 6 months
-Respect those in the group and provide a positive environment
-Help promote one another or test patterns